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Muslim Pruss

Muslim Pruss

The vast majority of muslims in the eu have a high sense of trust in democratic institutions despite experiencing widespread discrimination and harassment, a major survey by the european union agency for fundamental rights (fra) shows.

The kingdom of prussia (german königreich preußen) was a german kingdom that constituted the state of prussia between 17 it was the driving force behind the unification of germany in 1871 and was the leading state of the german empire until its dissolution in 1918. Although it took its name from the region called prussia, it was based in the margraviate of brandenburg.

Muslim Pruss

  the british government marked the former rulers of delhi as their rivals. The failure of the struggle resulted in degeneration of the islamic society in india, politically, socially , economically and culturally. Even before the decline of the political authority of the mughals, the decay of indian muslims set in. Economically not only the upper class of the muslims that suffered under the new.

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In the era of oppression and suppression, under the tyranny of dictators or failure of political systems, press becomes voice of change. Similarly, the press plays a significant role in the freedom.

  importance of commerce and trade in the light of the holy quran and sunnah.