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Muslim Farther Pomerania

The list of towns in farther pomerania includes towns that lost their town status over time as well as towns which lie west of the oder river, but east of the oderneisse line (stettiner zipfel area), and thus historically are associated rather with vorpommern. The list also includes towns merged into the province of pomerania as late as 1938 and thus might not be regarded historically.

  farther pomerania, further pomerania, or eastern pomerania (german hinterpommern, ostpommern), is the part of pomerania which comprised the eastern part of the duchy and later province of pomerania. It stretched roughly from the oder river in the west to pomerelia in the east. Since 1945, farther pomerania has been part of poland the bulk of former farther pomerania is within the west.

The pomeranian evangelical church (german pommersche evangelische kirche pek) was a protestant regional church in the german state of mecklenburg-vorpommern, serving the citizens living in hither pomerania. The pomeranian evangelical church was based on the teachings brought forward by martin luther and other reformators during the reformation.

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The duchy of pomerania (german herzogtum pommern, polish ksistwo pomorskie, 12th century 1637) was a duchy in pomerania on the southern coast of the baltic sea, ruled by dukes of the house of pomerania (griffins). The duchy originated from the realm of wartislaw i, a slavic pomeranian duke, and was extended by the lands of schlawe and stolp in 1317, the principality of rügen in 1325.

Swedish pomerania (swedish svenska pommern german schwedisch-pommern) was a dominion under the swedish crown from 1630 to 1815, situated on what is now the baltic coast of germany and poland.

Pomerania (polish pomorze german pommern kashubian pmrskô) is a historical region on the southern shore of the baltic sea in central europe, split between poland and germany. The western part of pomerania belongs to the german states of mecklenburg-western pomerania and brandenburg, while the eastern part belongs to the west pomeranian and pomeranian voivodeships of poland.

  pomeranian voivodeship (polish pomorskie) is one of the sixteen provinces of poland. Situated in the north of the republic bordering the shore of the baltic sea, pomerania is often considered as one of the playgrounds of the country, complete with relaxed seaside towns, beaches, historic port cities, teutonic castles, and a rustic countryside.

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Western pomerania, also called hither pomerania (german vorpommern), is the western extremity of the historic region of the duchy, later province of pomerania, nowadays divided between the german state of mecklenburg-vorpommern and poland. The name pomerania comes from slavic po more, which means land by the sea. The adjective for the region is (western) pomeranian (polish pomorski.).