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Chat Prussia

Chat Prussia

Prussia rolled his eyes and pulled his wrist away from the british empire. I believe, you didnt make a good impression, prussia and the british empire. (father name) let out a sigh and motioned them to get over it and let it start.

After very much chit chat prussia had eventually managed to pull austria away. Seeing as how it was a bit later in the night, a lot of them were passed out or leaving. Now they stood in front of an elevator waiting for it to arrive, prussia looking slightly irritable. Hed had to sneak away earlier during the reception to grab the hotel room key.

Watches those shows with the seals and puts the whole thing on snap-chat prussia zhe awesome me wants a pet bear! Attempts to sneak into the animal cages gets in trouble for breaking into the water fountain teases the lions for the lolz gets chased by the security then gets kicked out when he gets caught not the best idea to bring him to the zoo again romano im-a bored.

Hetalia Texts Prussia Wattpad

Prussia did someone say awesome? For i am the very awesome prussia! America has kicked prussia out of the chat. Italy america, why did you kick prussia out? America dude hes so weak a wave can push him back in the water, so how can he be awesome? Italy has added prussia to the chat.

Chat Prussia

From the story hetalia x reader chatroom by belarussia with 916 reads.

Prussia has joined the chat prussia zhe awsome prussia has arrived! (yn) prussia! Shut up! America yeah! England is looking at the three of us.

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